Life’s Little Lessons

So here’s my latest song, sort of a B side to Mr. Universe. Like Mr. Universe, this also drags up some old Hootenanny tapes. This time Terence McKenna is lending his naturally musical voice. For the rest of it, it’s just me in my office with a vanilla Dell PC, Adobe Audition recording software, some drum clips, a Yamaha keyboard providing the brass and bass, and a couple guitars. Lyrics are just a mish mash of phrases and thoughts and plagiarized Facebook statuses. The song means whatever its elements seem to add up to when you listen to it. And I mean whatever that is very passionately, I want you to know. If it helps any, think of it as a protest song.

Being Illegal

Here’s a problem with the language of the immigration reform debate: the general acceptance of the phrase “illegal immigrant.” I know this phrase pre-dated the tea partiers and minutemen and was not necessarily conceived as a racist message. But it sure plays into that use. If I run a stop sign, you might say I

A Thing You Can’t Do Anymore

Here’s a thing you can’t do any more. Given a printed form, you used to be able to feed it into your typewriter and type the form data. You can’t do that any more. Today, if your doctor’s office hands you a printed form to fill out, you have no choice but to fill it


Martinis last night. Why martinis? Could it be Mad Men fever? Actually, it was because of Julie and Julia. They were drinking Martinis in just about every scene. So after the movie, Julie and I (the real Julie) went to CostPlus to obtain the paraphrenelia. Then we went to Safeway to obtain the hooch. Then

Not Homer, Not Marge

You’ll have to take my word for it, but I drew these cartoon characters before I ever saw the Simpsons. The Simpsons first appeared on the Tracy Ullman Show in 1987, which I definitely did see. But I drew and conceived of these characters in college prior to that, more like 84/85/86. Can’t prove it,

Lylle Canyon Hike

We’re back at sea level — the air is so thick and balmy compared with 10000 ft! Terry and I hiked 10 miles into Lyell Canyon (basically to the end of the meadowy part halfway up the switchbacks to Donohue Pass). So it was basically about 25mile hike in total, including a day hike on

Fake it

Idea for Travel Food Show

The best Margarita in Alberta? The best sushi in Florence? The best Mexican food in Shanghai? The best bacon burger in Calcutta? Best canolli in Rio? Best falafel in Bangkok? Take that concept, add one obnoxious anti-social snob and you’ve got yourself a show!

Overheard on the plaza in Santa Fe

Down the old Santa Fe trail sits La Fonda Hotel. Old lady: “Oh, look, it’s Jane Fonda’s hotel.” Old man: “Hanoi Jane? I’m not going in there.”

Music Re-org

I’m re-organizing my music a little bit. I dropped my “Cowboy of Hope” blog and plan to just drop my tunes here as “Pages”. For now the “Music” tab above gives the playlist with everything. I’ll create a dedicated page for each song with liner notes eventually. Here’s the starter page, for my new song