Monthly Archives: March 2005

Have a Cigar

Just had pizza for lunch, and then Pink Floyd’s Have a Cigar comes on the radio. This combination of a mouthfull of pizza and the sound of Pink Floyd takes me straight back to Pizza Inn, Long Beach, ca. 1978.


Fallacies In Italiano

All Creation Involves Destruction.

Barney: All creation involves destruction. Ted: Yeah, man, for real! Barney: Art is therefore violent by definition. Art means making, and making means creating, which requires destruction, which is also the same as violence. Ted: Oh my god I never thought of that! Wow! Barney: Artists take risks, the best ones do anyways. And sometimes

What Works Depends Upon Conditions that Must Change

Fred: What works depends upon conditions that must change, therefore progress requires disruption of what works. Progress is inherently anarchic, and anarchy is inherently progressive. By “must” I mean both “should” for social/ethical/moral reasons, and also “will” in the sense that change is inevitable ultimately. Ethics can be seen both as a projection or imposition

Who Gives A Shit About Sports?

Who gives a shit about sports? I for one definitely do not give a shit about sports. I will sometimes allow myself to pretend to give a shit about sports, but in fact I do not give a shit about sports. It’s March Madness time, but I do not give a shit about that. The

Fear of Anything Was Fear of Death

I used to go around saying that fear of anything was fear of death, ultimately. Not many people listened to me. The few who did argued with me, saying things like “But some people are afraid of life.” I don’t know if I still think that fear of anything is fear of death. But I


Jack: I’m opposed to abortion. Sue: What? Don’t you think a woman has a right to decide for herself? Keep your laws off my body! Jack: Of course a woman should decide for herself. Who said anything about rights, or denying anyone’s rights? Sue: You said you were opposed to abortion. Jack: I am opposed

Other People’s Opinions

I hate other people’s opinions. Just knowing where someone stands on an issue is not especially interesting for any reason. Polling populations to get statistical information on where people stand is perfectly interesting. Hearing where someone stands whom you know and care about and respect can be interesting if they explain themselves. But hearing the

One Thing I Don’t Hate

I don’t hate that other people talk on cell phones. It’s this famously, notoriously irritaing faux pas or something, but I don’t really understand the problem people have with it. I hate a lot of things, I’m as grouchy and kermudgeonly as the next crank. I hate the neighbor’s dog, the high-pitched whine of the

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Whenever we watch Curb, my girlfriend gets mad at me. She likes the show. We laugh, we have a good ol’ time, but at the end she gets mad at me, every single time.