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My Lifelong Battle with Dualism

My Lifelong Battle with Dualism. I confess that making binary sorts of distinctions has been a habit and a crutch my whole life. It is an attempt at simplification. I have been accused of over-simplification because of this rather insistent predilection. I don’t know for sure when simplification becomes over-simplification. I confess that too. But

My Generation: Who’s Still Who

My Generation: Who’s Still Who – Home


Talking head: “I would tend to agree.” Oh *would* you? When would this happen? Under what conditions? This means you disagree now but later, under some unspecified conditions, you *would*? Would you agree or would you just tend to agree? If the statement you are making now is conditional upon some unspecified condition, why are

Base Closing OK With California City – Yahoo! News

Base Closing OK With California City – Yahoo! News I know *I’m* fine with it.

Anchor Steam – Liberty Ale

Such good beer.


I have this backlog of notepads — a bunch of the Mead student notebooks and other interesting journal dealies. I have a bunch of cool pens. I love cruising the paper and pen sections of the office supply stores. But the truth is I so rarely write anything down. I jot things down like phone