Monthly Archives: June 2005

Dreams Metaphor

Julie was wondering how come dreams seem to disappear so easily when you wake up. I decided a metaphor was in order, and this is what I came up with. It’s like a TV screen. When the TV is off, you see the reflections of the room, the windows, the lamps, the furniture. When you

Mt. Diablo Grand Loop

Pix Video (turn on audio on your computer!) Topo Map Aerial View The trail is better described here, by professional trail describers. But in short, it’s a 6.5 mile loop around Mt. Diablo summit, trodding to the summit as the eventual goal. Lots of great vistas. Cool for me because I had done a hike

The Onion 2056

The Onion 2056 The Onion has taken a seriously unfunny turn for the worse. The design looks like last year’s hottest Winamp skin, and the jokes are weak.

The Usual Rues, Boulevards and Jardins

Con dolcezza Rice

Why the fuck does she sit there and smile when she says things? She smiles when she says how the people of North Korea are starving. She has this bizarre habit of smiling when she says horrible, horrible things. I don’t understand what she’s smiling about, the freak.

Who Cares?

More Stuff To Throw Away – Video cameras go disposable – Jun 9, 2005 That’s what was keeping me from buying a digital video camera — I was waiting for one I could throw away.

Eagle Peak Hike

Well I broke this season’s hiking cherry with a nice hike to Eagle Peak: Topo Map It’s hard to see the exact trail from this topo map, but basically I follow Back Creek Trail all the way up the canyon to the top, cut west across this hairy hogback ridge trial to Eagle peak, from