Monthly Archives: July 2005


Big hike tomorrow, a week-long trek through Yose high country. I am really loving my couch right now.

Anchor Steam Date Decoder

Anchor Steam/Liberty Ale Date Decoder

Pome Randomizer

I decided to include randomly selected, randomized pomes here on the Foo, just cause. Please feel free to add lines to existing pomes or create a new one.

Watch free!

I like how cheerful CNN appears with its new video service. Headlines like: “Wildfire threatens expensive California homes | Watch free” “Shark attacks teen off Texas coast | Watch Free”

I Can’t Wait for Wireless Streaming Audio

Sitting at my PC, I often listen to internet radio — Mainly the Launchcast music service from Yahoo — which allows me to connect to their sevrer and receive music based on my preferences. It works great — audio quality, content selection. It’s nice that I cannot control it like a playlist. I actually enjoy

Local Inventory Search

I wish there were more intersections between the online world and the local physical world. It’s all well and good to search for the product you want on-line, and deal with the shipping cost of that. But it would also be nice to know if the same product is already available at a local store.

So, Auggie said after a few minutes

“So, Auggie said after a few minutes. “You think Bono ever farted on stage? I wonder if Bono ever farted on stage. I mean, not so anyone could hear it. I just mean, you know, with all that noise, and all that movement, and you know he would have had to have eaten that day.