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Katrina damage to Sherman Avenue

links for 2005-12-18

Budget Travel in Madrid – New York Times (tags: Spain travel Madrid) Madrid Travel Guide – Hotels, Restaurants, Sightseeing in Madrid – The New York Times Travel Section (tags: Madrid Spain travel) overview of discount hotels in Madrid, Spain – BOOKINGS (tags: Madrid hotel Spain travel) Hotels in Barcelona – BOOKINGS online hotel reservations (tags:

links for 2005-12-16

Pandora music genome project (tags: music radio recommendations mp3 social tools web)

Another test entry

testing the nightly cron once again.

links for 2005-12-13

The Travelite.FAQ : Packing Tips for CarryOn-Only Trips (tags: travel packing tips reference) Rick Steves’ Europe: Backpackademia (tags: travel packing backpack howto advice) Spain Travel Information | Lonely Planet Destination Guide (tags: Spain travel advice guide) USDEUR=X: Summary for USD to EUR – Yahoo! Finance (tags: Europe travel euro dollar currency)

links for 2005-12-12

Common Craft – Social Design for the Web: How to Post Daily Links to Your Movable Type Blog docs on setting up daily links in an MT blog (tags: link blog howto movabletype) Pomer gratuitous link to Pomer (tags: poetry vanity random weak words) Death of an American City – New York

Simple Ajax Test

Anchor Brewery Date Decoder My little SAJAX prototype. Can’t get it to work on my Palm Blazer browser, though.

Scheduled Entry

This is a test entry. I am testing the scheduling feature of Movable Type and the feature of my web host. If this works it will be cool, and will allow me to write a year’s worth of entries which will auto-post themselves. The technical solution being there, all that remains is to have

Wiki Tooltips

Cool, I added some new bells and whistles to the Fever here. Using a combination of MTMacro, MTIfEmpty, and Overlib, I have created a macro which will alow me to easily add tooltips to Amazon or Wikipedia. Here’s a tooltip for the Wikipedia entry on Wikipedia itself: Wikipedia (pronounced as [ˌwiˑkiˈpidi.ə] or [ˌwɪki-], also [-ɐ])

More On Ego Disidentification

Cool I didn’t just make this shit up: Ego psychology and transpersonal psychology provide a useful model based on disidentification and ego-transcendence. The more intense peak experiences are experiences of ego-transcendence and broader, deeper identification beyond the personal. The radically new input of the wilderness experience into the self-perceptual system causes a deep shift, often