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Bay Area Hiker: Home page (tags: hiking local bayarea outdoors)

Twilight in the Wilderness

I’m loving this picture, which is now my desktop background as well as the background of this blog. We took it last October. We had spent the day hiking around the Wawona grove of giant sequoias. We decided to drive to Glacier Point, and had to race the sun to get there in time for

LSD: The Geek’s Wonder Drug?

Wired News: LSD: The Geek’s Wonder Drug?

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Plaza Mayor (Madrid) webcam (tags: Spain travel Madrid webcam) Madrid Travel Guide – Hotels, Restaurants, Sightseeing in Madrid – The New York Times Travel Section (tags: guide Madrid Spain travel) BUG – Backpackers Guide to budget travel in Barcelona, Madrid, Andalucia and Spain (tags: Spain travel guide) Gran Hotel Domine Bilbao (tags: Spain travel hotel

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Costa Brava – Pirineu de Girona – Esports (tags: travel Spain cycling CostaBrava outdoors) Vias Verdes — hiking & biking trails (tags: Spain rutas bicicleta cycling outdoors travel) Ávila – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: Spain travel history Avila Ávila) Córdoba, Spain – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: Spain travel history Córdoba) Toledo, Spain –


Please, somebody stop me before I eat this whole bag of wasabi peas. They’re burning my lips, grossing me out, but I can’t stop! It’s pathetic!

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Mandarin Design: CSS Opacity and Transparency (tags: guide transparency opacity css webdesign)

guilty pleasure

OK, so although my “What I’m Reading” module says I’m reading Plutarch’s Lives, I confess I forgot to bring that with me on my trip to Dallas. On the plane back home, someone had left a copy of The Bourne Identity on the seat, so I started reading that. Guilty pleasure. It’s sort of hard

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Learning Movable Type: Combining Multiple Blogs Into One (tags: movabletype multiple blogs)