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Songs That Are Awesome

Or at least don’t suck: Maximo Park — Apply Some Pressure what happens when you lo-o-ose everything/you start again/you start all over again and this is not awesome but does not suck at all: Fortunate Son covered by Uncle Tupelo I just like the song is all, and once in a while a good cover

Shonen Knife on

Damn, I can’t get the Shonen Knife station to play. Ah, well, this one should work.

My Last.FM Page

My Last.FM Page Still trying to learn how to use it. Right now I’m, listening to Yahoo LaunchCast, where I already have a huge profile and preferences history, and using AudioScrobbler to log my playlist to Last.FM. I’m not yet sure how I want to use tags, or to build out my moods and play

links for 2006-02-05

Learn Spanish in Madrid Spain Spanish Language Schools Abroad Study (tags: Spain travel language Madrid)

My Pandora Station

Here’s my Pandora Station: Phineas Foo —