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I amsterdam – Queen’s Day (tags: amsterdam holiday queen Koninginnedag)

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Cafes in Madrid Spain (tags: Spain Madrid cafe)

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.: AQUA SPA CENTER :. Balneario Urbano de Madrid (tags: Madrid spain spa)

Pretentious weird shit

Here’s a thing I’ve noticed. Way back when me and my friends made some of our songs, we obviously thought enough of ourselves and our songs to write them and record them and share them. The some time passed, probably not very much time, and suddenly it all sounds funky, kind of horrible, pretentious, or

Tall David Hattiesburg Hall

Tall David Hattiesburg Hall Originally uploaded by kimbojava.

David and Terry Sneer

david_terry_sneer Originally uploaded by kimbojava.

David, Jimmy and Ronnie Jam!

david_jimmy_ron_jam Originally uploaded by kimbojava.

Jimmy and Ronnie Dance

jimmy_ron_dance Originally uploaded by kimbojava.

Imaginary Harold, Big Harold

Imaginary Harold, Big Harold Originally uploaded by kimbojava. David Keith, Ken Weathersby Hattiesburg, MS ca. 1985

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Renfe – Timetables and Prices (tags: rail spain travel itinerary schedule info)