Monthly Archives: June 2006

Drag the Circles

Something non-verbal to do.


Everyone at work had fun Rasterbating today. If you have 16 sheets of paper, a printer and plenty of toner, go nuts.

Signal Noise Illusions

I confess I do not have spam 100% eradicated from my life. I quarantine it, but I still sit there and scan for false positives. I will probably eventually learn that the 1% of false positives (or less) aren’t worth the time spent hunting for them, and just start purging them ruthlessly. But because I

The Cowboy Of Hope

Well, I guess I’m ready for this site to go public. It’s a little blog documenting my musical opus, i.e about a dozen or so songs. From 1983-1997, I managed to bang out a song every now and then, and coax some friends to join me in the studio to see what would happen. This

There Are Many Here Among Us Who Feel That Life Is A Joke

Rick Rick and Robin These are photos I took at a concert in Hattiesburg, MS, in November 1982. To get in, my friend Ron and I decided we didn’t need no stinkin’ tickets. We devised a brilliant plan to cheat Cheap Trick out of the outrageous $7. The concert was held at the coliseum on

Paranoid in Bahrain

Shot of me feeling paranoid in Bahrain. From 1989. I had no specific reason to feel paranoid, but that was a hard year. I was teaching English in Saudi Arabia, and this trip over the bridge from Damman to Bahrain was meant to be like a party weekend, because you could legally drink alcohol in

Ken and David, Brooklyn, 1995

Just some foolin around w/ long exposure settings on my old Pentax K-1000. Nice moody image of Ken’s Brooklyn apartment in Greenpoint (from around 1995)