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The Australian: Iceland’s lights out for sky view [ 28sep06 ]

The Australian: Iceland’s lights out for sky view [ 28sep06 ] Cool. THE lights are going out in Iceland this week so people can gaze at the night sky. Authorities in the capital Reykjavik would turn off street lights tomorrow night and people were also being encouraged to sit in their houses in the dark,

“I’ve been using LSD for years”

Mississippi History

#131 (Mississippi History), 30″ W X 36″ H,graphite & acrylic on canvas I’m the pleased owner of this incredible painting by my friend Ken Weathersby. Ken has produced a series of maze paintings for the last several years. This one had the unique feature of the Confederate Flag in the center of it, an unstable


I guess the/an opposite/alternative form of knowledge to revelation is discovery. With revelation, a knowing or superior consciousness or mind reveals the truth to you. But discovery is the result of a process, one’s effort to know. It’s earned. Often revelation stories make much of how pure and deserving is the privileged recipient. Of course.

Path Since 9-11

How about a slick, 24-like filmumentary called “Path Since 9-11″? Instead of reminding people how they felt “that day”, this film would remind them why they feel the way they do now.

WordPress Migration

For no particular reason (better themes, I guess) I have ported this site to Word Press. Links, MT plugins on old posts, etc. may break, but who cares.


Let’s call revelation a kind of knowledge. And faith is the way one comes to accept and know that knowledge. Faith is really the only kind of knowing that can know revelatory knowledge. Revelation is knowledge revealed to a certain person by a special source — in mystical terms a prophet is revealed knowledge by

Gold Hits of 72!

Does anyone remember back in the 70s when those music compilation albums were sold on TV, like “Summer of 72” or whatever? I bought several of those, and at the time I did not comprehend that the songs were not by the original artists, but these fake imitations. I realized it while still owning and