Monthly Archives: December 2006

Old Timey Christmas Villages of the Future

So I go visit the folks for Christmas, and they have the obligatory Old Timey Main Street USA Christmas Village decoration set up on the buffet in the living room, with your little stores and your little houses and little Victorian carollers and fake snow and all that pseudo-nostaligic false memory of Christmases we never

Real Live Bleeding Fingers

Paul Westerberg severely injured his left hand and could be sidelined for a year, according to a blog posting from Jim Walsh, a Minneapolis writer and friend of the former Replacements lead singer. Link

How Much To Give?

10%, according to Peter Singer, and we can eliminate poverty worldwide. NYT Story

Give List

A friend started a thread re: favorite charities. Thought I’d keep the list here as it grows. UNICEF in Iraq — Think of the children! World Wildlife Foundation — Animals! United Nations High Commission for Refugees — Nobody deserves to be a refugee. Vital Ground — Grizzlies are our friend! Jane Goodall Institute — 3000

Marxist or Anarchist

I can’t decide whether to be Marxist or anarchist. I guess anarchism has always seemed too non-commital, so I think I have tended towards the Marxism. But lately I’m thinking Marxism makes me look fat. Should I be Marxist or anarchist?

War On Saturday

What’s the deal with people saying “Have a good weekend”? Why can’t they come right out and say “Have a good Saturday”? After all, the true meaning of the weekend is Saturday — everyone knows that. What’s with all this political correctness? The liberal war on Saturday has got to stop. America was founded by

I dreamed I microwaved my laptop.

I dreamed I microwaved my laptop. I dreamed I was staying in this foreign hotel room. The telephone, coffee maker, microwave, internet port and television were all part of one jerry-rigged appliance. I plugged in my laptop and later watched television. In the middle of a porn movie starring that sassy friend from Will and