Monthly Archives: April 2007

Vonnegut Day

For the Warmonger: Anyone enthusiastically advocating war will get a super opportunity to spend Vonnegut Day under actual bombardment in a special Bombardment SimuCenter, wearing ragged clothing, desperately searching for a family member, while a group of hostiles roam through the neighborhood, kicking down doors and making threats in a language he/she doesn’t understand. (

New Rule

New rule: For every 32 people killed in Iraq, let’s have coverage equal to the coverage the VT shootings have received. Lots of graphics showing the building maps, interviews with survivors, interviews with the roommates of the victims or the perpetrators, expert opinions. Ask the authorities how they could let this happen. Lots of people

Yose Pix

No, I’m not cracking up. Please disregard that last post. Here are some pix from Yosemite from this past week:

No love, no joy, just snuff videos, 24 hours a day.

Shit, Stupidity, War, Hell, Cute YouTube video! Crap, lies, horror, cute YouTube video! Bullshit, new all-time lows, just when it can’t get worse, it gets worse, but have you seen the cute YouTube video? Treachery, betrayal, incompetence, ignorance, negligence, selfishness, cute YouTube video! No love, no joy, just snuff videos, 24 hours a day. Cute