Monthly Archives: June 2007

It’s All Very Important And Serious

That Sinking Feeling

I’ve been wondering how to feel about the idea of carbon offset programs. We dig fossil fuel out of the ground, burn it and fill the atmosphere with carbon dioxide, and then plant trees to soak it back up. If only it were so simple. ( linkeroonie )  

Rats of Misbelief

I was just out back smoking a doobie… I mean a fag… And noticed this freakin rat convention around the misbelieves tree. Guess I should pick those loquats up. Wish I had a cat.

77 Million Stars

I’m bummed I’ll be missing Brian Eno’s 77 Million Paintings installation at the Yerba Buena. But I have a previous engagement with 77 million stars. Eno’s DVD looks worth having though.

FTC to Try to Block Grocer’s Acquisition

DENVER (AP) — Natural foods grocer Wild Oats Market Inc. said Tuesday that federal regulators will file a lawsuit to prevent its acquisition by competitor Whole Foods Market Inc.Greg Mays, Wild Oats’ chairman and chief executive, said his company and Whole Foods will challenge any lawsuit that is filed because they believe the union of

Hootenanny Magazine Not Dead Yet

Finally paid a little attention to this neglected site o’mine. No new content, but at least it’s tolerably reskinned. Man that was overdue. I hope to revive it or reinvent it as some sort of arts/letters blog or some such. Just to add to the noise, since the world is not noisy enough.