Margarita Recipe

I don’t make a lot of cocktails, but it’s summer time and I like my Margarita recipe, so I’ll share.

I basically substitute Limoncello for the Triple Sec, so there’s no orange bottom to the flavor — it’s a pure lemon/lime flavor, one of my favorites. So:

50% Tequila (I don’t know enough to recommend, I just use Jose Cuervo Especial)

25% Limoncello

25% lime juice (fresh squeezed)

toss in ice and blend, or over rocks or whatever.

It’s lemon/limey and strong!

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  • Spot on. I didn’t know about Limoncello but that sounds great — I’ve used Grand Marnier in place of the Triple Sec but now I’ll rethink that. You don’t mention salt — I like salt, and the only important consideration there is *not* iodized — course or fine is a matter of taste, but you can taste the iodine. Wet the rim with spent limes (nice and sticky) to get the salt to stick. Dude, thanks for the Limoncello tip!


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