Monthly Archives: August 2007

Accidentally Cut Up With a Chain Saw

Burning Man, an art, music and performance festival that draws thousands of people, began in San Francisco in 1986 and moved to Nevada’s Black Rock Desert in 1990. That year, the effigy was accidentally cut up with a chain saw and had to be reassembled before the ritual burning, Grace said. Man arrested in Burning

The Exterminating Angel

God what a great film. Saw it again the other night. I remember seeing this on television once many years ago, coming into it in the middle, completely clueless as to what it was, who it was by, but becoming thoroughly mesmerized and fascinated by it. It’s such a brilliant thing. Bonus: There’s a bear

Not Katmai, but…

  We took a little boat from Telegraph Cove on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, to here in Knight Inlet on the mainland to watch grizzlies feeding on the salmon running upriver. It was early in the salmon season, so the bears were not yet as bulked up as they would later get. We saw