The Exterminating Angel

God what a great film. Saw it again the other night. I remember seeing this on television once many years ago, coming into it in the middle, completely clueless as to what it was, who it was by, but becoming thoroughly mesmerized and fascinated by it. It’s such a brilliant thing.

Bonus: There’s a bear in it.

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  • I love this film too, and just about any Luis Bunuel film I’ve ever seen.

    The struggle to escape the party when only a mysterious hidden force prevents them from walking out the doors is beautifully done.

    In a way it follows such a classic disaster film format — reminding me odd movies like Poseidon Adventure or the Airplane style comedies — but also transcending that into a great socio-economic commentary that highlights the absurdities of the behavior of the rich and elite. It could also be a loosely considered a sci-fi film.

    It’s too bad this film is virtually unknown to anyone but Bunuel fans. It would be a great late-night TV flick on the sci-fi channel.

    Offhand it brings to mind Lena Wertmueller’s Swept Away, which has suffered some horrible remakes.
    And there are perhaps smoe plot similarities to an obscure Czech film by Jan Nemec, A Report on the Party and It’s Guests, where a few folks walking in the woods get corralled into an excessive birthday party where no one is allowed to leave.

    I love Bunuel’s absurd and surreal juxtapositions, such as the family in Phantom of Liberty that sits around a dining table all on toilets, and then one man excuses himself to go lock himself in a small closet to eat.

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