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Merry Christmas, Mo

“Merry Christmas, Mo. If you put this in boiling water, it will smell like flowers for a while. Again, Merry Christmas.”


Some people just don’t have enough people to hate. They need new reasons to hate more people. And they really hate people who don’t hate the same people *they* hate. And that’s what I think about the immigration “issue”.

Commentary: You cant take Christ out of Christmas –

Commentary: You cant take Christ out of Christmas – Oh yeah, that reminds me to recycle my “War On Saturday” post from last year. Whaddaya know? I just took the Christ out of Christmas!


Digging this old vid. That is all.

Freedom Requires Music

Just as music requires freedom. Just some random music notes. Reading a playlist is *nothing* like listening to it. What a list of song and artist names evokes is so pale compared with how it feels to spend the time listening to the songs. Pleasure in music is about time, I think, mainly. Identities and

Fear and Anxiety

  “But enough about fear. Let’s talk about anxiety.”

Freedom Requires Atheism

Just as atheism requires freedom. I’ve decided to require that freedom requires atheism. Thats my requirement from now on. Oh, also, fascism requires religion, just as religion requires fascism. Romney, you horrible moronic idiot. ( asshole )

Food Fights, Part 2

  “May all your fights be food fights.”

Time Travel

“Sure, I’d like to travel through time. But I have so much to do, and there’s lots to see right here in Glendale.”