156 (marcus & commodus)

156 (marcus & commodus)

156 (marcus & commodus)
Acrylic on Canvas with Relocated Panels
37″ x 59″

Two-Sided Painting

New painting by Ken Weathersby.


  • Oppositions in 156 (marcus & commodus):
    ‘good’ emperor / ‘bad’ emperor
    greeting / threat
    father / son
    philosopher / fool
    rational / irrational
    figure / ground
    parts / whole
    region / empire
    front / back
    revealed / hidden
    external / internal
    intentional / inadvertent
    painting / sculpture
    module / pattern
    visual / tactile
    before / after
    black / white
    warm / cool
    positive / negative
    Some other considerations: Osiris, Janus, a coin

  • Does this hang on a wall, with parts hidden? Or does it hang in the center of a room somehow such that both sides are visible?

  • They hang on the wall. The apparatus visible on the left and right outside the frame edges (in the version of the image here on Phineas the right one has been cropped off) have hangers on both faces which can hold the painting on the wall either way. Whoever hangs them has to decide each time which way they go. Murder of Abel, the previous painting of this type, has been on the wall twice at Pierogi Gallery, once each way. When one side is seen, the other side always faces the wall, so they embody unequal symmetry.

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