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That 6 mile hike, 2000 elevation gain along steep gravelly trails around Mt Diablo (Eagle Peak) that I took yesterday today has me questioning the wisdom of my new standup desk configuration.

Der Golem

Last night I saw the great film The Golem: How He Came Into the World at the Castro Theater in SF. It was scored by Black Francis which made it all the more amazing. The film is incredible — the set designs, the costumes, every visual aspect was just memerizing. Frank Black’s original songs and

Cinema Annoyances

Two for the “Cinema” category of “Pet Peeves”: 1) you know the thing where they show you a thing for a second, then fade to back real fast, then show you a thing, then fade to black real soon, over and over? Often times its a really interesting visual — you really want to see

Paris 1991

Rain drops smack upon the boulevard roof tiles crackle in the sun I don’t think I’ll ever go so far as I did in Paris in 1991 I don’t know who was President I don’t know what war we were in but it was all going on in Paris in 1991 The Parisians were so


OK, at the risk of participating in the echo chamber of non-issues, I’ll enter the guns/religion/bitter/elitist fray to make one small remark. The second amendment provides the right of the people to bear arms. People who own and use guns do so thanks to this amendment. People who feel very strongly about often argue that

Racer 5

O hai. A six of Racer 5 is awesome! Thanks!

Straw Dogs

Just watched the movie Straw Dogs (1971) with Dustin Hoffman. An amazing, intense and strange movie. Hoffman plays an American mathmetician married to a young British woman who relocate to her tiny village so he can work on a book. It’s a gothic sort of thing with these ominous menacing local characters in the town


People place quotes from other people on their email templates. They put quotes on bumper stickers. Authors sometimes place quotes at the beginning of a poem or a chapter, to prepare the reader for the upcoming themes. It’s neat to learn what famous people have previously said. Einstein said, “God does not play dice.” Neat.

Ruper Sheldrake Stabbed At Conference

 Police arrest suspect after attack at lecture –

Stuff Some People Like

I won’t go so far as to say I “hate” Stuff White People Like. And that’s saying something cause I hate just about everything, especially if it’s a website. But I find it rather weak and unfunny. It supposedly skewers a class of people not used to being viewed or treated as a class. However,