Racer 5

O hai.

A six of Racer 5 is awesome!


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  • annie wrote:

    ..and highly drinkable (though the comment falls possibly too late to coincide with the b’weiser post chez ecto..). my local allowed me to become hooked on Racer 5, only to stop being able to get it any more.. i would’ve been bereft, but they suggested Lagunitas IPA, so i switched to that.. then again, unavailable. Stone IPA is the current, and the local Ithaca Beer Cascazilla red ale. i’m pleased to note that down the years my esteemed friends have what i would consider to be good taste in most things,but especially beer. and thanks for turning me on to Black Twig Pickers,too! In trade: try to see the documentary about Sally Mann’s recent work (What Remains might be the name)..my friends did the soundtrack.

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