Blood Red Moon

Wow it’s a blood red moon out there tonight, about three quarters full. I’ve never seen a red moon so high in the sky before. Usually I see those as the moon rises right at sunset, catching the sun’s setting rays. I guess it’s a similar effect, but right now the moon is high in the southwest sky, and it’s 2 a.m.

Makes me want to kill a goat.


  • hey, i saw the same thing! im in new york and was shocked to see a red moon at 2am, especially because i had been looking at the moon less than an hour before and it was def NOT that color nor size. I looked up whether or not it was supposed to go through an eclipse or something, but i didnt find anything. I was so shocked i started googling it to see if anyone else had seen it, because it wasnt a scheduled eclipse or anything. That’s how i came across your blog. Im glad im not the only one who saw it. thanks!

  • Wow, I guess that eliminates any local atmospheric effects, since I/m on the west coast. I did the same thing you did, came inside and googled and did not really come across much good information. Should we be concerned? I hope you killed a goat?

  • I think it means Obama is the antichrist. There! I said it!

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