Monthly Archives: July 2008

my ringtone: first few seconds…

my ringtone: first few seconds of

Iraq War to be carbon neutral by 2050

Just kidding. That’s an Onion-style headline I had in my head when I woke up this morning. Make up your own humerous copy.

Deceitful Snail Spam

So I get tons of mortgage junk mail, like most people no doubt.  I’ve always hated deceitful junk mail, long before “spam” was a word. Mail that lies about its contents, pretending it’s from the government, pretending that it’s registered mail, obscuring the contents so you have to open it to discover that its junk,

3 days no coffee

3 days no coffee

walked to staples to buy recyc…

walked to staples to buy recycled paper. How green am I?

Syndicating my feeds

trying a thing, LMK if it’s stupid or annoying, but I’m aggregating my assorted feeds here, so my tweets, flickrs, and maybe a few other things will be posted here. Old stuff will initially appear then it should settle back down. So when I post a photo or a video on youtube, or a twitter,

my shoes make me feel invincib…

my shoes make me feel invincible