Monthly Archives: October 2008

why must potato salad be so go…

why must potato salad be so good?

haven’t pickup guitar in so lo…

haven’t pickup guitar in so long it’s starting to look like someone else’s

Reverse Bradley

Or something. For every person who claims he’ll vote for Obama then secretly votes for McCain, I’m sure there’s also a person who publicly claims to support McCain who will really vote for Obama. Right? I mean, isn’t this idea of people who make public statements then secretly do the opposite something that happens all


So I bought one of those electric fireplace inserts for my fireplace. I never liked using the Duraflame type logs — there’s a lot of ash, they don’t really burn warm enough, and since they don’t the convection current is not always strong enough to draw the smoke out, so we get backdraft, causing us

Overheard at Trader Joe’s

So I’m in line at checkout. A vaguely foreign looking, fashionably dressed lady is checking out. Clerk is energetic, friendly, dutifully cheerful young man, making chit chat with the customers as he works. He notices her unusual blouse, and says, “I like your blouse.” She says, “Thank you. It’s my design. I am fashion-designer.” Her

Video Editing

Been playing around with Adobe Premier Elements 7 to make some homemade DVDs. Had to make one for my parent’s 50th anniversary, for example, and made a couple with Yosemite trip videos. It’s not a pro app, more of a hobbyist or non-professional user, but still it’s a nice way to edit simple home videos.

first coffee since July. taxii…

first coffee since July. taxiing to runway, engines racing, and… here we go….

No on 4

Here’s my new angle on why we should not restrict women’s access to safe, legal abortion facilities, whether it’s Prop 4 or overturning Roe v. Wade, etc. Guess what? It puts the government — some bureaucrat in Washington — between a patient and her doctor. A doctor and a patient may agree on a medical

voted early. I wonder what cou…

voted early. I wonder what could happen in the next 2 and a half weeks that could possibly make me change my mind?

One small political comment

As ever, I have little to contribute to the current political discussion since other people who care more and are better skilled have already got it covered. But this is one observation I’d like to make: McCain/Palin attacks on Obama just make them look worse. Not because it’s so obviously desperate mean-spirited and cynical. Even