A Thing You Can’t Do Anymore

Here’s a thing you can’t do any more. Given a printed form, you used to be able to feed it into your typewriter and type the form data. You can’t do that any more. Today, if your doctor’s office hands you a printed form to fill out, you have no choice but to fill it out by hand. Arguably, you shouldn’t have to do this any more. This data entry could be done electronically. But nevertheless, printed forms are still around. Presumably some clerk or intern at the office now has to take your handwritten form and enter it into the computer. It would obviously be easier on them if they could actually read the data. In the case of my handwriting, they’d be lucky to get half of it right.

So really, I think it’s fair to say, this is a capability we’ve actually degraded as the result of new technology. I’m not talking about sentimental loss. I’m saying a bit of functionality that used to be a little better has actually gotten a little worse.

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