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Life’s Little Lessons

So here’s my latest song, sort of a B side to Mr. Universe. Like Mr. Universe, this also drags up some old Hootenanny tapes. This time Terence McKenna is lending his naturally musical voice. For the rest of it, it’s just me in my office with a vanilla Dell PC, Adobe Audition recording software, some

Not Homer, Not Marge

You’ll have to take my word for it, but I drew these cartoon characters before I ever saw the Simpsons. The Simpsons first appeared on the Tracy Ullman Show in 1987, which I definitely did see. But I drew and conceived of these characters in college prior to that, more like 84/85/86. Can’t prove it,

156 (marcus & commodus)

156 (marcus & commodus) 2008 Acrylic on Canvas with Relocated Panels 37″ x 59″ Two-Sided Painting New painting by Ken Weathersby.

An Alternative History Of Mississippi

Ken Weathersby has recently got his domain and web site set up. Nice, lean, slick site, but it’s really all about his amazing paintings.

The Exterminating Angel

God what a great film. Saw it again the other night. I remember seeing this on television once many years ago, coming into it in the middle, completely clueless as to what it was, who it was by, but becoming thoroughly mesmerized and fascinated by it. It’s such a brilliant thing. Bonus: There’s a bear

77 Million Stars

I’m bummed I’ll be missing Brian Eno’s 77 Million Paintings installation at the Yerba Buena. But I have a previous engagement with 77 million stars. Eno’s DVD looks worth having though.

Hootenanny Magazine Not Dead Yet

Finally paid a little attention to this neglected site o’mine. No new content, but at least it’s tolerably reskinned. Man that was overdue. I hope to revive it or reinvent it as some sort of arts/letters blog or some such. Just to add to the noise, since the world is not noisy enough.


I still love this image of Ken’s. He drew it and I animated back when animated gifs were the thing of the future, and Web 2.0 was but a sparkle in your mother’s eye. Who are they? Where are they going? Who’s that guy up front? What is that precious cargo?

Mississippi History

#131 (Mississippi History), 30″ W X 36″ H,graphite & acrylic on canvas I’m the pleased owner of this incredible painting by my friend Ken Weathersby. Ken has produced a series of maze paintings for the last several years. This one had the unique feature of the Confederate Flag in the center of it, an unstable