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Green Dilemma

So let’s say I have about 10 good years left on my Honda Accord, which gets like 32 hwy/23 city. I’d like to trade it in for a Prius. So I drive my gas-guzzling Accord to the Toyota dealership and trade it in for a nice green Prius. The dealer then sells the Accord to

That Sure Was Horrible, but It Doesn’t Rise to the Level of Genocide

What a phrase: “rise to the level of genocide“. I know there’s a definition or many definitions, and because of this, some things are and other things are not genocide. But still, it strikes me as weasly, bureaucratic, dismissive. It’s almost always used in the negative. You hardly ever hear anyone say: “Well, how about

Personal Dirigibles

Million-dollar prize offered for soldier ‘power pack’ I need to draft my personal dirigible schematic, but it’s a no-brainer. Tie off the packs to the mini-zeppelin hovering overhead. The Zep will have a little propeller for propulsion so the soldier will hardly notice it’s there. It can’t fail!

And this is related to anti-trust how again?

Revealing Mackey’s sock-puppeteering does a good job of embarassing him personally, damaging Whole Foods reputation, but it protects consumers how again? It is relevant to the Wild Oats acquisition how again? (link)

That Sinking Feeling

I’ve been wondering how to feel about the idea of carbon offset programs. We dig fossil fuel out of the ground, burn it and fill the atmosphere with carbon dioxide, and then plant trees to soak it back up. If only it were so simple. ( linkeroonie )  

FTC to Try to Block Grocer’s Acquisition

DENVER (AP) — Natural foods grocer Wild Oats Market Inc. said Tuesday that federal regulators will file a lawsuit to prevent its acquisition by competitor Whole Foods Market Inc.Greg Mays, Wild Oats’ chairman and chief executive, said his company and Whole Foods will challenge any lawsuit that is filed because they believe the union of