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Lylle Canyon Hike

We’re back at sea level — the air is so thick and balmy compared with 10000 ft! Terry and I hiked 10 miles into Lyell Canyon (basically to the end of the meadowy part halfway up the switchbacks to Donohue Pass). So it was basically about 25mile hike in total, including a day hike on

Yosemite Flood, 1997

Some amazing footage from the flood of 1997. Yosemite Flood, 1997


If we’re gonna bailout GM, we should use some of the money to buy back every Hummer and replace them with something more economical in GM’s line, say Aveos. The Hummers could then be ritually beaten into ploughshares. For us to bailout a company which sold Hummers during the Iraq war is hard to justify,

Green Dilemma

So let’s say I have about 10 good years left on my Honda Accord, which gets like 32 hwy/23 city. I’d like to trade it in for a Prius. So I drive my gas-guzzling Accord to the Toyota dealership and trade it in for a nice green Prius. The dealer then sells the Accord to

Yose 2008 vids

[youtube][/youtube] uploading a bunch more in coming hours/days. Watch this space:

Milky Way as seen from Yosemite high country

Not my photo, but this is pretty much what we saw at the end of each evening. That’s Jupiter in the center there.

Blood Red Moon

Wow it’s a blood red moon out there tonight, about three quarters full. I’ve never seen a red moon so high in the sky before. Usually I see those as the moon rises right at sunset, catching the sun’s setting rays. I guess it’s a similar effect, but right now the moon is high in

Wottled Butter

Just another unnecessary untimely and incorrect rant on the bottled water controversy. I may be writing this because I feel compelled to defend myself. The problems with bottled water are many. So let’s identify a couple main ones: bottled water is expensive production of bottled water is environmentally damaging in terms of energy to produce

Fausse 2007

Lake Fausse 2007 Wrap up: Gators? Check. Pelicans/herons/loons, etc? Check. Varmits? Check. Paddlefish? Check. Turtles? Check. Lizards? Check. Owls? Check. Midnight kayaking into the infinity? Check. Blazing constellations? Check. Orion pursuing the Pleiades? Check. Shooting stars? Check. Copious quantities of expensive beer? Check. Rock and Roll? Check. All parties present and accounted for? This was

Give List 2007

Still working on this, but here’s my list for 2008. African Wildlife Foundation Washington, DC Animals: Wildlife Conservation American Civil Liberties Union Foundation New York, NY Public Benefit: Advocacy and Civil Rights American Red Cross Washington, DC Human Services: Multipurpose Human Service Organizations Amnesty International USA New York, NY International: International Peace, Security, and Affairs