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That Sure Was Horrible, but It Doesn’t Rise to the Level of Genocide

What a phrase: “rise to the level of genocide“. I know there’s a definition or many definitions, and because of this, some things are and other things are not genocide. But still, it strikes me as weasly, bureaucratic, dismissive. It’s almost always used in the negative. You hardly ever hear anyone say: “Well, how about

Give List 2007

Still working on this, but here’s my list for 2008. African Wildlife Foundation Washington, DC Animals: Wildlife Conservation American Civil Liberties Union Foundation New York, NY Public Benefit: Advocacy and Civil Rights American Red Cross Washington, DC Human Services: Multipurpose Human Service Organizations Amnesty International USA New York, NY International: International Peace, Security, and Affairs

How Much To Give?

10%, according to Peter Singer, and we can eliminate poverty worldwide. NYT Story

Give List

A friend started a thread re: favorite charities. Thought I’d keep the list here as it grows. UNICEF in Iraq — Think of the children! World Wildlife Foundation — Animals! United Nations High Commission for Refugees — Nobody deserves to be a refugee. Vital Ground — Grizzlies are our friend! Jane Goodall Institute — 3000