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My Insane Slumlord Neighbor

My insane slumlord neighbor is scared of me. I’ve never had anyone be afraid of me before. I kinda liked it.

Syndicating my feeds

trying a thing, LMK if it’s stupid or annoying, but I’m aggregating my assorted feeds here, so my tweets, flickrs, and maybe a few other things will be posted here. Old stuff will initially appear then it should settle back down. So when I post a photo or a video on youtube, or a twitter,

Racer 5

O hai. A six of Racer 5 is awesome! Thanks!

Ruper Sheldrake Stabbed At Conference

 Police arrest suspect after attack at lecture –

Luna Park launches

Nice new site surveying the world of literary magazines just launched, check it out: Luna Park, a Quarterly and Occasional Review of Literary Magazines and Various Other Stuff

Give List 2007

Still working on this, but here’s my list for 2008. African Wildlife Foundation Washington, DC Animals: Wildlife Conservation American Civil Liberties Union Foundation New York, NY Public Benefit: Advocacy and Civil Rights American Red Cross Washington, DC Human Services: Multipurpose Human Service Organizations Amnesty International USA New York, NY International: International Peace, Security, and Affairs

WordPress Migration

For no particular reason (better themes, I guess) I have ported this site to Word Press. Links, MT plugins on old posts, etc. may break, but who cares.


Neat-o. Everyone at work got one of these.

Another test entry

testing the nightly cron once again.

Scheduled Entry

This is a test entry. I am testing the scheduling feature of Movable Type and the feature of my web host. If this works it will be cool, and will allow me to write a year’s worth of entries which will auto-post themselves. The technical solution being there, all that remains is to have