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So I bought one of those electric fireplace inserts for my fireplace. I never liked using the Duraflame type logs — there’s a lot of ash, they don’t really burn warm enough, and since they don’t the convection current is not always strong enough to draw the smoke out, so we get backdraft, causing us

Overheard at Trader Joe’s

So I’m in line at checkout. A vaguely foreign looking, fashionably dressed lady is checking out. Clerk is energetic, friendly, dutifully cheerful young man, making chit chat with the customers as he works. He notices her unusual blouse, and says, “I like your blouse.” She says, “Thank you. It’s my design. I am fashion-designer.” Her

One small political comment

As ever, I have little to contribute to the current political discussion since other people who care more and are better skilled have already got it covered. But this is one observation I’d like to make: McCain/Palin attacks on Obama just make them look worse. Not because it’s so obviously desperate mean-spirited and cynical. Even

John McCain looks like the guy standing next to the guy…

John McCain looks like the guy standing next to the guy who’s running for president. Even when he’s the only guy on stage.

Iraq War to be carbon neutral by 2050

Just kidding. That’s an Onion-style headline I had in my head when I woke up this morning. Make up your own humerous copy.

Syndicating my feeds

trying a thing, LMK if it’s stupid or annoying, but I’m aggregating my assorted feeds here, so my tweets, flickrs, and maybe a few other things will be posted here. Old stuff will initially appear then it should settle back down. So when I post a photo or a video on youtube, or a twitter,

Other Skies

Stellarium is cool. But this would be cool, too, tell me if it exists yet or not: software that not only shows you what the sky on your own planet looks like, but allows you to display what the sky would look like from other locations in the solar system. So, for instance, what does

Southern Accents

I moved to south Mississippi from Washington State in second grade, 1970. Hurricane Camille had blown through the previous year, wrecking the place. Hurricane Camille was just the most recent past thing that had happened here, whose memory was still so vividly felt, and whose reminders were still so visible. This was just an overlay

Blood Red Moon

Wow it’s a blood red moon out there tonight, about three quarters full. I’ve never seen a red moon so high in the sky before. Usually I see those as the moon rises right at sunset, catching the sun’s setting rays. I guess it’s a similar effect, but right now the moon is high in

The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 (2009 film)

The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 (2009 film) – Wikipedia I would think a remake of this awesome movie would be a lot more fun if they would actually still set it in the 70′s. But I have a feeling it will be updated in a predictable boring way. I hope I’m wrong.