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Martinis last night. Why martinis? Could it be Mad Men fever? Actually, it was because of Julie and Julia. They were drinking Martinis in just about every scene. So after the movie, Julie and I (the real Julie) went to CostPlus to obtain the paraphrenelia. Then we went to Safeway to obtain the hooch. Then


If we’re gonna bailout GM, we should use some of the money to buy back every Hummer and replace them with something more economical in GM’s line, say Aveos. The Hummers could then be ritually beaten into ploughshares. For us to bailout a company which sold Hummers during the Iraq war is hard to justify,

Green Dilemma

So let’s say I have about 10 good years left on my Honda Accord, which gets like 32 hwy/23 city. I’d like to trade it in for a Prius. So I drive my gas-guzzling Accord to the Toyota dealership and trade it in for a nice green Prius. The dealer then sells the Accord to


So I bought one of those electric fireplace inserts for my fireplace. I never liked using the Duraflame type logs — there’s a lot of ash, they don’t really burn warm enough, and since they don’t the convection current is not always strong enough to draw the smoke out, so we get backdraft, causing us

Overheard at Trader Joe’s

So I’m in line at checkout. A vaguely foreign looking, fashionably dressed lady is checking out. Clerk is energetic, friendly, dutifully cheerful young man, making chit chat with the customers as he works. He notices her unusual blouse, and says, “I like your blouse.” She says, “Thank you. It’s my design. I am fashion-designer.” Her

Deceitful Snail Spam

So I get tons of mortgage junk mail, like most people no doubt.  I’ve always hated deceitful junk mail, long before “spam” was a word. Mail that lies about its contents, pretending it’s from the government, pretending that it’s registered mail, obscuring the contents so you have to open it to discover that its junk,

Southern Accents

I moved to south Mississippi from Washington State in second grade, 1970. Hurricane Camille had blown through the previous year, wrecking the place. Hurricane Camille was just the most recent past thing that had happened here, whose memory was still so vividly felt, and whose reminders were still so visible. This was just an overlay


OK, at the risk of participating in the echo chamber of non-issues, I’ll enter the guns/religion/bitter/elitist fray to make one small remark. The second amendment provides the right of the people to bear arms. People who own and use guns do so thanks to this amendment. People who feel very strongly about often argue that

Racer 5

O hai. A six of Racer 5 is awesome! Thanks!

What you know, and what you don’t know.

There’s what you know, and what you don’t know, and how you feel about it. I feel pretty good about what I know. I know a lot of stuff. Tons of stuff I’ve learned or observed or memorized, almost all of it basically or potentially useful. Of course, it happens that something you think you