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Freedom Requires Music

Just as music requires freedom. Just some random music notes. Reading a playlist is *nothing* like listening to it. What a list of song and artist names evokes is so pale compared with how it feels to spend the time listening to the songs. Pleasure in music is about time, I think, mainly. Identities and

Does this exist?

I don’t think it exists, but let me know if it exists. One thing I enjoy about Pandora or is its ability to turn me on to music I’ll like, or allow me to set my mood. So I can create a “station” that consists of music like the Clash — and I can

Fausse 2007

Lake Fausse 2007 Wrap up: Gators? Check. Pelicans/herons/loons, etc? Check. Varmits? Check. Paddlefish? Check. Turtles? Check. Lizards? Check. Owls? Check. Midnight kayaking into the infinity? Check. Blazing constellations? Check. Orion pursuing the Pleiades? Check. Shooting stars? Check. Copious quantities of expensive beer? Check. Rock and Roll? Check. All parties present and accounted for? This was

An Alternative History Of Mississippi

Everybody’s a DJ

Me included. Here’s my playlist. There are more songs in the list than display in the little widget below. You can break out the widget into a stand-alone window also and just play in shuffle mode. Enjoy: table.lfmWidget20070720221038 td {margin:0 !important;padding:0 !important;border:0 !important;}table.lfmWidget20070720221038 tr.lfmHead a:hover {background:url( no-repeat 0 0 !important;}table.lfmWidget20070720221038 tr.lfmEmbed object {float:left;}table.lfmWidget20070720221038 tr.lfmFoot

Real Live Bleeding Fingers

Paul Westerberg severely injured his left hand and could be sidelined for a year, according to a blog posting from Jim Walsh, a Minneapolis writer and friend of the former Replacements lead singer. Link

Gold Hits of 72!

Does anyone remember back in the 70s when those music compilation albums were sold on TV, like “Summer of 72” or whatever? I bought several of those, and at the time I did not comprehend that the songs were not by the original artists, but these fake imitations. I realized it while still owning and

This Machine Kills Facists

Well, let’s just say it inconveniences Republicans. Would you believe it annoys Boy Scouts? Well anyway, here’s my new guitar:

The Cowboy Of Hope

Well, I guess I’m ready for this site to go public. It’s a little blog documenting my musical opus, i.e about a dozen or so songs. From 1983-1997, I managed to bang out a song every now and then, and coax some friends to join me in the studio to see what would happen. This

Pretentious weird shit

Here’s a thing I’ve noticed. Way back when me and my friends made some of our songs, we obviously thought enough of ourselves and our songs to write them and record them and share them. The some time passed, probably not very much time, and suddenly it all sounds funky, kind of horrible, pretentious, or