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Martinis last night. Why martinis? Could it be Mad Men fever? Actually, it was because of Julie and Julia. They were drinking Martinis in just about every scene. So after the movie, Julie and I (the real Julie) went to CostPlus to obtain the paraphrenelia. Then we went to Safeway to obtain the hooch. Then

Overheard at Trader Joe’s

So I’m in line at checkout. A vaguely foreign looking, fashionably dressed lady is checking out. Clerk is energetic, friendly, dutifully cheerful young man, making chit chat with the customers as he works. He notices her unusual blouse, and says, “I like your blouse.” She says, “Thank you. It’s my design. I am fashion-designer.” Her

Southern Accents

I moved to south Mississippi from Washington State in second grade, 1970. Hurricane Camille had blown through the previous year, wrecking the place. Hurricane Camille was just the most recent past thing that had happened here, whose memory was still so vividly felt, and whose reminders were still so visible. This was just an overlay

Hootenanny Magazine Not Dead Yet

Finally paid a little attention to this neglected site o’mine. No new content, but at least it’s tolerably reskinned. Man that was overdue. I hope to revive it or reinvent it as some sort of arts/letters blog or some such. Just to add to the noise, since the world is not noisy enough.

A Tired, Spotted Equine Beast, Or Down and Out in Minni-town

Trouble in Minni-town was not so easily found. Or I wasn’t really trying hard enough. I tried to pick a fight with a group of Twins fans headed for the ballpark. I called the pitcher a pussy but they were too polite to take offense. I quoted Noam Chomsky and they said, “Friend, if it’s

So, Auggie said after a few minutes

“So, Auggie said after a few minutes. “You think Bono ever farted on stage? I wonder if Bono ever farted on stage. I mean, not so anyone could hear it. I just mean, you know, with all that noise, and all that movement, and you know he would have had to have eaten that day.

The Usual Rues, Boulevards and Jardins