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Why We Go To Lake Fausse, and What We Do There

Not Katmai, but…

  We took a little boat from Telegraph Cove on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, to here in Knight Inlet on the mainland to watch grizzlies feeding on the salmon running upriver. It was early in the salmon season, so the bears were not yet as bulked up as they would later get. We saw

Personal Dirigibles

Million-dollar prize offered for soldier ‘power pack’ I need to draft my personal dirigible schematic, but it’s a no-brainer. Tie off the packs to the mini-zeppelin hovering overhead. The Zep will have a little propeller for propulsion so the soldier will hardly notice it’s there. It can’t fail!

Here’s What We Missed

While Terry and I had Sunrise Mountain and Mt. Hoffman all to ourselves, here’s what we missed down on lowly little Half Dome:

More Yosemite Pix

Back from the Sierras. 7 days of backpacking, with some High Sierra Camps mixed in. Park was bone dry. We did not go into the valley, but we looked down upon it like Gods from Mt. Sunrise and Mt. Hoffman. Fantastic trip.

That Sinking Feeling

I’ve been wondering how to feel about the idea of carbon offset programs. We dig fossil fuel out of the ground, burn it and fill the atmosphere with carbon dioxide, and then plant trees to soak it back up. If only it were so simple. ( linkeroonie )  

77 Million Stars

I’m bummed I’ll be missing Brian Eno’s 77 Million Paintings installation at the Yerba Buena. But I have a previous engagement with 77 million stars. Eno’s DVD looks worth having though.

A Tired, Spotted Equine Beast, Or Down and Out in Minni-town

Trouble in Minni-town was not so easily found. Or I wasn’t really trying hard enough. I tried to pick a fight with a group of Twins fans headed for the ballpark. I called the pitcher a pussy but they were too polite to take offense. I quoted Noam Chomsky and they said, “Friend, if it’s

Yose Pix

No, I’m not cracking up. Please disregard that last post. Here are some pix from Yosemite from this past week:

Twilight in the Wilderness

I’m loving this picture, which is now my desktop background as well as the background of this blog. We took it last October. We had spent the day hiking around the Wawona grove of giant sequoias. We decided to drive to Glacier Point, and had to race the sun to get there in time for