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U.S. Soldiers Bathroom Graffiti

Steve Featherstone reports on bathroom graffiti on bases in Afghanistan and Iraq. ( link )

Fausse 2007

Lake Fausse 2007 Wrap up: Gators? Check. Pelicans/herons/loons, etc? Check. Varmits? Check. Paddlefish? Check. Turtles? Check. Lizards? Check. Owls? Check. Midnight kayaking into the infinity? Check. Blazing constellations? Check. Orion pursuing the Pleiades? Check. Shooting stars? Check. Copious quantities of expensive beer? Check. Rock and Roll? Check. All parties present and accounted for? This was

Bagged Glacier Point

This weekend I bagged Glacier Point. By “bagged” of course I mean I rode the bus up to the top and hiked down the four mile trail. [ Earlier this summer, Terry and I bagged Mt. Hoffman. We were on a seven day high country loop and we stayed at the May lake High Sierra

Yose Pix

No, I’m not cracking up. Please disregard that last post. Here are some pix from Yosemite from this past week:

There Are Many Here Among Us Who Feel That Life Is A Joke

Rick Rick and Robin These are photos I took at a concert in Hattiesburg, MS, in November 1982. To get in, my friend Ron and I decided we didn’t need no stinkin’ tickets. We devised a brilliant plan to cheat Cheap Trick out of the outrageous $7. The concert was held at the coliseum on

Paranoid in Bahrain

Shot of me feeling paranoid in Bahrain. From 1989. I had no specific reason to feel paranoid, but that was a hard year. I was teaching English in Saudi Arabia, and this trip over the bridge from Damman to Bahrain was meant to be like a party weekend, because you could legally drink alcohol in

Ken and David, Brooklyn, 1995

Just some foolin around w/ long exposure settings on my old Pentax K-1000. Nice moody image of Ken’s Brooklyn apartment in Greenpoint (from around 1995)