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Life’s Little Lessons

So here’s my latest song, sort of a B side to Mr. Universe. Like Mr. Universe, this also drags up some old Hootenanny tapes. This time Terence McKenna is lending his naturally musical voice. For the rest of it, it’s just me in my office with a vanilla Dell PC, Adobe Audition recording software, some

Paris 1991

Rain drops smack upon the boulevard roof tiles crackle in the sun I don’t think I’ll ever go so far as I did in Paris in 1991 I don’t know who was President I don’t know what war we were in but it was all going on in Paris in 1991 The Parisians were so

news from home

in stars and stripes news from home the bastard’s dead from way over here it seems odd the news from home, the headline is something about you you hate the bastard now he’s dead, good for you news from home your home is gone, wiped away like a frown in a hurricane it’s your personal

the first shower

the first shower after days of it it feels like it will never be enough not enough water, too much water more soap please not hot enough the water you soaked in for days it has a film, it has teeth, it grips you and infects you this shower water lacks any strength it’s far

a new book

a new book waits, flat on its back, legs spread hot and dog-eared it’s got smells and stains and leathery thighs it sweats and sighs and wags its tongue the book smokes and drinks and curses you makes fun of your pecker the new book is not new at all it’s seen its better days

Pome Randomizer

I decided to include randomly selected, randomized pomes here on the Foo, just cause. Please feel free to add lines to existing pomes or create a new one.