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Being Illegal

Here’s a problem with the language of the immigration reform debate: the general acceptance of the phrase “illegal immigrant.” I know this phrase pre-dated the tea partiers and minutemen and was not necessarily conceived as a racist message. But it sure plays into that use. If I run a stop sign, you might say I

Bush legacy BS

I like how people trying to defend Bush’s record, including W himself, like to emphasize how no 9/11 size attack has happened since 9/11 and that was his administration’s priority, and since none has occurred therefore he was successfull at his main objective.  The one thing that he did not royally fuckup was something that


If we’re gonna bailout GM, we should use some of the money to buy back every Hummer and replace them with something more economical in GM’s line, say Aveos. The Hummers could then be ritually beaten into ploughshares. For us to bailout a company which sold Hummers during the Iraq war is hard to justify,


Inspired by the passage of prop 8 defining marriage as between a man and a woman, I humbly propose for the next election that we amend the consitution to define childhood as between a boy and his dog.

Praise Hindu, Buddha and Allah!

Our god is greater than their god!

Reverse Bradley

Or something. For every person who claims he’ll vote for Obama then secretly votes for McCain, I’m sure there’s also a person who publicly claims to support McCain who will really vote for Obama. Right? I mean, isn’t this idea of people who make public statements then secretly do the opposite something that happens all

No on 4

Here’s my new angle on why we should not restrict women’s access to safe, legal abortion facilities, whether it’s Prop 4 or overturning Roe v. Wade, etc. Guess what? It puts the government — some bureaucrat in Washington — between a patient and her doctor. A doctor and a patient may agree on a medical

One small political comment

As ever, I have little to contribute to the current political discussion since other people who care more and are better skilled have already got it covered. But this is one observation I’d like to make: McCain/Palin attacks on Obama just make them look worse. Not because it’s so obviously desperate mean-spirited and cynical. Even

John McCain looks like the guy standing next to the guy…

John McCain looks like the guy standing next to the guy who’s running for president. Even when he’s the only guy on stage.

Iraq War to be carbon neutral by 2050

Just kidding. That’s an Onion-style headline I had in my head when I woke up this morning. Make up your own humerous copy.