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Fake it

Overheard at Trader Joe’s

So I’m in line at checkout. A vaguely foreign looking, fashionably dressed lady is checking out. Clerk is energetic, friendly, dutifully cheerful young man, making chit chat with the customers as he works. He notices her unusual blouse, and says, “I like your blouse.” She says, “Thank you. It’s my design. I am fashion-designer.” Her

What you know, and what you don’t know.

There’s what you know, and what you don’t know, and how you feel about it. I feel pretty good about what I know. I know a lot of stuff. Tons of stuff I’ve learned or observed or memorized, almost all of it basically or potentially useful. Of course, it happens that something you think you


So a few years ago, I was given a copy of the Ian McEwan novel, Atonement. I placed it on my bedside and started reading it. One paragraph into it, I fell asleep. Each night, I tried to read more, but all reclined like that, I can hardly get one paragraph before I fall asleep.

Bagged Glacier Point

This weekend I bagged Glacier Point. By “bagged” of course I mean I rode the bus up to the top and hiked down the four mile trail. [ Earlier this summer, Terry and I bagged Mt. Hoffman. We were on a seven day high country loop and we stayed at the May lake High Sierra

Why We Go To Lake Fausse, and What We Do There


I still love this image of Ken’s. He drew it and I animated back when animated gifs were the thing of the future, and Web 2.0 was but a sparkle in your mother’s eye. Who are they? Where are they going? Who’s that guy up front? What is that precious cargo?

No love, no joy, just snuff videos, 24 hours a day.

Shit, Stupidity, War, Hell, Cute YouTube video! Crap, lies, horror, cute YouTube video! Bullshit, new all-time lows, just when it can’t get worse, it gets worse, but have you seen the cute YouTube video? Treachery, betrayal, incompetence, ignorance, negligence, selfishness, cute YouTube video! No love, no joy, just snuff videos, 24 hours a day. Cute

BoingBoing:Terence McKenna’s library destroyed in fire

The bad kind of novelty. link

Two Twins

Two Twins. Men. Joel and Jesse or something. Identical. Finish each other’s sentences, folks can’t tell ‘em apart. They’re bright, likable, from a well-bred upper class East Coast family. Excelled in English and art. Both marry similar women, have similar kids. They work, succeed, make contributions,etc. Then one of them tragically dies — auto accident.