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Compound Interest Calculator Air App

Here’s a little application I threw together — thoroughly unsexy but I needed it and it was a simple experiment in Adobe Air development (HTML/Javascript). Does nothing more than calculate effect of compounding interest on some initial amount — could be used for loan or investment calculations. Please upgrade your Flash Player This is the

Racer 5

O hai. A six of Racer 5 is awesome! Thanks!

This is what I meant to say

May All Your Fights Be Food Fights


An Alternative History Of Mississippi

Hootenanny Magazine Not Dead Yet

Finally paid a little attention to this neglected site o’mine. No new content, but at least it’s tolerably reskinned. Man that was overdue. I hope to revive it or reinvent it as some sort of arts/letters blog or some such. Just to add to the noise, since the world is not noisy enough.

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