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Not Homer, Not Marge

You’ll have to take my word for it, but I drew these cartoon characters before I ever saw the Simpsons. The Simpsons first appeared on the Tracy Ullman Show in 1987, which I definitely did see. But I drew and conceived of these characters in college prior to that, more like 84/85/86. Can’t prove it,

Idea for Travel Food Show

The best Margarita in Alberta? The best sushi in Florence? The best Mexican food in Shanghai? The best bacon burger in Calcutta? Best canolli in Rio? Best falafel in Bangkok? Take that concept, add one obnoxious anti-social snob and you’ve got yourself a show!

Film Peeve

Here’s a new one: Character is in a situation that triggers a memory. Now we go with that character into the memory for a while, a minute, two 30 seconds, whatever, but it’s long enough to shift context and follow a sub-narrative. Then we return to the original context, the present, with character’s face absorbed

Cinema Annoyances

Two for the “Cinema” category of “Pet Peeves”: 1) you know the thing where they show you a thing for a second, then fade to back real fast, then show you a thing, then fade to black real soon, over and over? Often times its a really interesting visual — you really want to see

Path Since 9-11

How about a slick, 24-like filmumentary called “Path Since 9-11″? Instead of reminding people how they felt “that day”, this film would remind them why they feel the way they do now.


Anyone see the season 6 opener? It was highly gratifying and the opening w/ the William Borroughs voiceover was really hypnotic.