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Tall David Hattiesburg Hall

Tall David Hattiesburg Hall Originally uploaded by kimbojava.

David and Terry Sneer

david_terry_sneer Originally uploaded by kimbojava.

David, Jimmy and Ronnie Jam!

david_jimmy_ron_jam Originally uploaded by kimbojava.

Jimmy and Ronnie Dance

jimmy_ron_dance Originally uploaded by kimbojava.

Imaginary Harold, Big Harold

Imaginary Harold, Big Harold Originally uploaded by kimbojava. David Keith, Ken Weathersby Hattiesburg, MS ca. 1985

guilty pleasure

OK, so although my “What I’m Reading” module says I’m reading Plutarch’s Lives, I confess I forgot to bring that with me on my trip to Dallas. On the plane back home, someone had left a copy of The Bourne Identity on the seat, so I started reading that. Guilty pleasure. It’s sort of hard

The Death Clock – When Am I Going To Die?

The Death Clock – When Am I Going To Die?

The Foo of Foophineas

The Foo of Foophineas Foophineas aspired to become a leader of Barville. Foophineas was a strict Foovist, however, and this posed a certain challenge to Foophineas. Citizens of Barville were mostly non-Foovists. Foovists were a significant minority in Barville. Foovists practiced Foovism. Many of the core values held by Foovists were in fact shared by

Hello America!

Hello America! It’s good to be home. Thanks for letting us back in! We love you America! We’re sorry we said all those bad things about you!

Have a Cigar

Just had pizza for lunch, and then Pink Floyd’s Have a Cigar comes on the radio. This combination of a mouthfull of pizza and the sound of Pink Floyd takes me straight back to Pizza Inn, Long Beach, ca. 1978.