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Compound Interest Calculator Air App

Here’s a little application I threw together — thoroughly unsexy but I needed it and it was a simple experiment in Adobe Air development (HTML/Javascript). Does nothing more than calculate effect of compounding interest on some initial amount — could be used for loan or investment calculations. Please upgrade your Flash Player This is the

Vids and sounds

On old complaint: videos and audio effects on web pages should never automatically start to play. They should always have a start button and wait for a user to click play. Auto-start behavior would be as if your TV just started playing whatever channel it is on every time you glance in the general direction


I still love this image of Ken’s. He drew it and I animated back when animated gifs were the thing of the future, and Web 2.0 was but a sparkle in your mother’s eye. Who are they? Where are they going? Who’s that guy up front? What is that precious cargo?

Byte Searching

I occassionally have good ideas, and the better the idea, the more likely some else already thunk it. Please tell me if this is a good idea, and whether you know it to have been thunk. I was trying to find an image on the web. I saw the image, but I wanted to find

LSD: The Geek’s Wonder Drug?

Wired News: LSD: The Geek’s Wonder Drug?

Simple Ajax Test

Anchor Brewery Date Decoder My little SAJAX prototype. Can’t get it to work on my Palm Blazer browser, though.

Wiki Tooltips

Cool, I added some new bells and whistles to the Fever here. Using a combination of MTMacro, MTIfEmpty, and Overlib, I have created a macro which will alow me to easily add tooltips to Amazon or Wikipedia. Here’s a tooltip for the Wikipedia entry on Wikipedia itself: Wikipedia (pronounced as [ˌwiˑkiˈpidi.ə] or [ˌwɪki-], also [-ɐ])